5 Tips to Make Quick and Creative PowerPoint Presentations

Almost every person may have the chance or the time to present something to their colleagues, classmates, or other people. For instance, you might present a proposal to your superior. Creating PowerPoint presentations for visuals is necessary to back your claims and make your presentation more compelling.

Let’s say that you have an upcoming presentation. You are somehow clueless about making creative PowerPoint presentations quickly. If you are hunting for some tips to better your PPTs, then you’re on the right page! Keep reading and join us as we let you in on five tips to make easy and creative PPTs.

In a rush? Convert your files to PPT to quickly get the information

For instance, you’ve got a portable document format file containing the information you are about to present. You would not want to type everything again just to insert the details into your presentation. Unfortunately, you can’t copy the contents of your PDF. This step is where you might find yourself in a tough spot. Is it possible to convert your PDF to PPT directly?

Yes! You can transform your portable document format files to an editable PPT, thus removing the need to retype every detail. This tip is perfect for those who have a lot on their hands or are somehow unfamiliar with making presentations. The question is, how do you convert PDF to PPT for free?

Use PDFBear’s PDF to PPT converter

Honestly, many converters will appear on your browser if you try looking up one. You might be confused about which one you should use since they offer the same thing. You want to convert your files easily, quickly, and safely. In this regard, PDFBear undoubtedly meets your conversion preferences.

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How does PDFBear’s converter work?

PDFBear extracts the contents of your files through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This process happens so fast that it gets done in a few moments. Though it occurs quickly, PDFBear retains your file’s quality so that it is precisely the same as the original. The only difference is that the newly converted file is an editable PPT.

You don’t have to install any software applications since the conversion happens online on the cloud. Since it is a web-based service, you can access it from any device as almost all operating systems and web browsers support PDFBear. You can convert your files extremely easily, as you only have to follow the steps below.

  1. Go to PDFBear’s PDF to PPT converter.
  2. Choose and upload your PDF file to the conversion tool.
  3. PDFBear will automatically convert the file.
  4. Save, share, and recommend!

Keep the presentation concise and straightforward

Now that you’ve settled the issue of gathering and inputting the information, the next step is to organize them. Remember that your PPT will only serve as backup information and visuals. Do not put everything in the slides. This move will help you be the focus instead of your PowerPoint presentation.

Putting too much information into the presentation will be overwhelming, so it is necessary to keep it simple.

Using the right font style and size is important

Every person has their preferences for the font style of their text. They might want to use cute or curly fonts that suit their tastes. The text may be too big or too small on the slide. Instead of using such font style and size, use standard fonts that are easy to read. Ensure that the text’s font sizes are just right while still distinguishing which one is the header, the paragraphs, and others.

Visualize graphs and data

You might put some complicated data as a bullet or a text. That’s a no-no! Though there’s nothing wrong with doing that, it’s better to visualize graphs as much as possible. For example, you can use pie charts that are pleasing to the eye. Searching for one online is not as hard as you think it is!

Pick the appropriate color palette

Think carefully about your audience. Will you be presenting to a classroom of kids? Are you presenting in a formal setting? Keep in mind that you need to consider your audience by picking the appropriate color palette. You may use vibrant colors to discuss a lesson with kids and formal colors for a company presentation.

Also, keep the colors uniform. Too much color variation will make it hard to read. Ensure that the colors compliment each other and that every piece of information is legible.

The takeaway

Presentations are something that every person may do in a vast number of contexts. You may present your project in school, report in the office, and progress in the business. It’s a fact that not everyone is good at making PPTs or simply got no time to make them.

If you’ve got information that you need to get from PDFs in making your presentation, then directly convert them with PDFBear to avoid retyping every single letter! After that, then you can now create and edit your PPTs quickly and creatively in five convenient tips.

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