5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Considering How Much To Scrap A Car

Scrapping a car can be profitable if you have one lying around and taking up space. It’s not useless, especially if the key components are still in working order. The metal will also likely sell if it’s still in good condition. 

Considerations For Your Scrap Car

Knowing the factors affecting scrap car prices will give you an idea of how much you’re likely to get for your car. The following are some considerations: 

1. Year And Model 

The type of car you have will be the foundation of how much you’re likely to get for it. Buyers will also be looking at the year and the make of the car to determine its market value. Junk cars have a different value than used ones as they’ll prevent them from working correctly.  

The value of the car will also rely on the following: 

  • Is the demand for the parts high? Features like catalytic converters can be sold for scrap. You can choose to bring your car to the junkyard or head over to the auto salvage buyers. The latter are placing a higher value on catalytic converters if they’re still usable.
  • If the model of the car is still being driven today.
  • The rarity of the car.

The value of the scrap cars is also determined by material as some models may contain low amounts of aluminum and steel. Materials used in car manufacturing tend to differ annually, and some models may come in eco-friendly materials instead.

2. Stripping Of The Vehicle 

There’s a lot of work going on when a scrap car has to undergo processing. If you want to sell it to a junkyard, you’ll immediately know how much they’re willing to pay for your vehicle. The process involves draining if your car has retained fluids for a long time. 

The car will also be stripped of parts that can’t be used anymore. The junkyard will then crush the unusable parts to keep them organized. The process is labor-intensive, and that can affect the price you’ll get.

Before bringing your car to the junkyard, you may want to check your vehicle if it still has excess gas. If the servicemen still have to do it, it can lower the price you’ll get for your car. Remove trash and other unwanted items in the car. Anything that’ll cause the staff to do more labor is a cause for lower prices.

3. Whether Buyer Tows The Car Or Not  

Depending on the answer will tell you if you’ll gain or lose a profit. This also means you’ll need to pick an auto salvage or junkyard that’s willing to pick up the car for you. Whichever you choose, if they can’t haul the car back to their place, you’ll need to hire a towing service to bring the car to the location of business. If you can find a junkyard that offers free towing, it’s worth selling the scrap car to them. 

You may also see if there’s a junk car removal in your area. Some removal services will also buy the car off your hands. If you can find one near you, you can kill two birds with one stone.

4. Making Sure The Car Is In Your Name 

Many people won’t consider the car’s ownership, but you must have enough legal proof as evidence that the vehicle is yours. The junkyard may not accept the car unless you have proof of identity such as the car’s title. Before you sell the car, you must first exercise all the options available to get your car a title. You can inquire at the bank or the local DM.

There are state laws you must also adhere to when it comes to selling the car. Some states will require you to turn in a title even if you’re selling a junk car to a private buyer. Usually, you must provide a document such as a driver’s license proving you live in the state.    

5. Parts Of The Car Deteriorating 

If you want to sell your car as scrap, it’s better to do it now. Remove all the electronics, custom interiors, and other valuables. The longer you wait to sell your car, the more likely it is to deteriorate.

Animals and insects may start to infest the various sections of the car. If it still has working parts, you’d want them in their best condition possible to sell. Buyers will also pay much higher for them because of their quality.  


If you have a non-working car, you can make money by selling it as a scrap vehicle. But before selling it, there are considerations you need to make first. A junk car isn’t a simple property you can sell even if it’s not working anymore. There are still laws to be followed depending on your state. It’s worth knowing these factors, so you can fully benefit from selling your car.

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