5 Things You Should Not Forget to Bring to Your Prom Night!

The prom night is the most awaited night for the students in the junior and senior years. In this event, they will dress up as princes and princesses and dance with each other with slow music. They will also be able to show their glamour and slay the dance floor. This is the ultimate romantic night and most probably, the most unforgettable experience throughout my high school years.

All have prepared for this—from the nightgown to the makeups and accessories. But sadly, there are things that most students tend to overlook when preparing for these special events. Most of the time, they cannot bring these things on the prom night and ends up, their most awaited moment has messed up. If you do not want this to happen to you, we suggest you continue reading to get to know what are the 5 things that you should not forget to bring on your prom night.

Do not forget to wear a wristwatch

In any special event, you should not forget to have a time tracker with you. When you forget to wear a timepiece, most likely you will not get into the place on time, and it will hinder you to take the most central seat or the most special seat in the event’s place. If you want to sit beside your high school crush, it is better that you arrive at the place earlier than it has to be. Aside from that, having a timepiece will also allow you to be awarded the ‘Early Bird Award’ for being the most punctual to attend the prom night. Not to mention that if you wear a high-end wristwatch such as Rolex and Diesel Watches, you will also look classy and elegant.

Always bring a tissue paper

For hygienic purposes, tissue paper is one essential that you should not forget to bring anytime and anywhere. Not to mention that some events do not have running water or bidet on them. Although we do not wish this to happen, there is still a possibility that you may have to pee or poop during the event. It will ridiculously ruin your night, especially if you do not have tissue paper to wipe yourself. So the number one rule is you should not forget to bring it—you may find mini tissue paper that you can hide in your pockets.

Bring with you an extra glue for your fake lashes

For the girls who are planning to wear fake lashes as part of your make-up, never forget to bring extra glue for it. Fake lashes glue is not trustworthy—it can be detached at an unexpected moment during the night. In such emergency cases, you must have its glue to reattach it again. Or else your glamour will lessen throughout the night. You can always store these fake lashes glue on your pockets.

Do not forget to bring a pressed powder

It is important to redo your make-up every once in a while. While it is a hassle to bring your make-up kit to the event, the minimum is you have a pressed powder to redo and retouch. This will make you look fresh on the dance floor. You may also bring lipstick if you are not confident that the lipstick you have used is long-lasting.

Bring a small wallet

This might be one of the common mistakes. Some of the prom-goers do not want to bring wallets with them so that they will not have to worry about their belongings from time to time. Some girls do not want to bring one because it won’t match their outfits. But the thing is, whenever and wherever you are, you should bring even the smallest wallet that you have. It is for you to store your lipstick, pressed powder, money, and other pieces of stuff in there. You can hide the wallet in your pockets if you want to.

In a Nutshell

Preparing for the most awaited in high school prom night can be daunting, especially if you do not have any idea which of the things you have is important or necessary to bring. Sometimes, students tend to forget to bring the things that are highly necessary like their wristwatch, tissue paper, extra glue for their fake eyelashes, a pressed powder and lipstick for their retouching needs, and a small wallet. As a result, they will encounter problems and they will struggle on their prom nights. Of course, you do not want that to happen! So we hope you prepare well for that most awaited event and you will bring all the important and must-haves things that we have listed for you! We hope this article helps you in having a great prom night. Good luck and have fun!

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