5 Reasons Why You Would Want a Fat Tire Bike

Are you ready to set out on a new biking adventure? With all the different types of bicycles on the market, how do you choose? You may have looked at everything from commuter bikes to beach cruiser bikes for sale, but have you considered a fat tire bike? If you want versatility and the best bike for your buck next time you invest in a two-wheeler, a fat tire bike may be just the answer. Here are five reasons why a bike with fat tires could be the perfect choice for you.

1. Comfortable Ride

When it comes to comfort, very few bikes surpass the ride of a fat tire. The tread depth on the larger, thicker tires will cushion your impacts due to the capacity for more air in the tires. Not will you enjoy a more comfortable ride physically, but you’ll also appreciate the added confidence while cycling off-road.

2. All-Terrain

If you thought a mountain bike would take you further than any other type of bicycle, think again. Whether you’re on a well-paved road, rocky ground, or even a sandy beach, fat tires will navigate the most challenging terrain. Where your typical mountain bike would get stuck, the fat tires will progress with ease. These tires are sturdy and have a wide tread depth. For some extra power navigating those steep inclines, you can also get fat tire hybrid bicycles.

3. All-Weather

Just as rough terrain won’t bar your way on a fat bike, neither will inclement weather. These large tires weigh more than a standard bicycle tire, which means strong winds won’t affect your riding nearly as much as its mountain bike counterparts. You can also ride with assurance through heavy rain, ice and snow, thanks to the much bigger surface area of these wheels; they grip the ground as you go.

4. Improves Your Leg and Core Muscles

The larger diameter of the rims of a fat bike creates more resistance than traditional bikes. Therefore, riding will require more effort, providing a much better workout with significantly more calories burned. A fat tire bike will also give your core an excellent workout. Now that you have fat tires and a firm core, you’re able to travel terrains you previously wouldn’t consider. Your core muscles will be helping you balance even more than riding a mountain bike because it’ll be working through a variety of terrains. Improving your core means developing greater stability, balance and coordination, precisely what you need when you step on those pedals.

5. Easier on the Joints

Biking off-road can be rough on your body, causing wear and tear. This strain can really take a toll on your body, especially your joints. Unlike traditional bikes, fat tire bikes are non-weight-bearing. As a result, you’ll be able to go on lengthier journeys without suffering the consequences the next day.

When you’re ready to take on a new and exciting riding experience, look for fat tire bikes for sale from a reputable online bike dealer. Wherever you choose to take your new wheels, you’ll be sure to enjoy a smooth spin.

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