5 Benefits of PDFBear’s Converter Tool to Students

Remote learning setup is a new mode of conducting classes. Professors and students meet through communication platforms, instead of physically entering the university premises. If you are part of the large population of students facing this kind of learning process, things can be pretty challenging. You have probably heard of portable document format and Word documents. By now, you know how essential they are to keep up with your academic requirements.

MS Word allows you to make necessary changes whenever you deem necessary. On the other hand, PDF makes sharing documents easier and more convenient. That is why most professors require their students to submit requirements in this file format. But how on earth can you do it without the use of a converter tool? In this article, we will discuss how PDFBear’s converter tool can help you ace this semester with flying colors.

Free to use anytime, anywhere

More often than not, people resort to downloading paid PDF applications and software because they are not aware of free online tools, such as PDFBear. If you are facing financial problems or you are just simply thrifty, you might want to consider using this website. It offers its highly reliable and functional converter tool without forcing the user to input his card details. With the free account, you can already have decent experience in converting Excel, PPT, HTML, and Word to PDF. You also have the power to bring PDF back to its original format by using the convert from PDF tool.

If you are willing to pay an amount of money to have the best digital experience, you can avail PDFBear’s pro-account. With this, you can enjoy unlimited storage space for your documents, endless task conversion, and more. But regardless if you choose the free version or the pro account, you can still accomplish your task smoothly.

Safe from hackers, malware, and viruses

The website prioritizes data security and confidentiality. Its converter tool commits itself to protect all uploaded files from any malicious intervention. No hacker can get the file from its server, and no malware and viruses can damage it. The website will automatically attach a secure socket layer protection for every file you upload to the system. It ensures the safe transfer of documents from the website to Gmail and other platforms.

You may ask how the converter tool will manage your uploaded files. What if after a few days someone can steal it from the server? Well, that is not possible. Your documents will not stay in its system for more than an hour. That makes PDFBear the most trusted and reliable website today.

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A quick and easy conversion process

As a student, you have a lot of requirements to do and several classes to attend to. You won’t have enough time to spare just to wait for a converted document to become available. The website considers the demand of students for a faster conversion process. Hence, you can have a copy of a converted file in just 2 minutes. Surely, you can submit it by the said deadline.

Its converter tool includes only 4 easy steps. You first need to upload the document on the website by dropping it on the toolbox. Then, the tool will start scanning and converting it. After this, wait for the converter tool to finish the process. Downloading the converted file is the last step. You must make sure that you can make a copy on your device within 60 minutes. Beyond that time frame, you will lose access to the file because the server will automatically delete it.

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Produce high-quality converted documents

Some online tools convert documents in a fast manner but sacrifice their quality. This characteristic is not helpful at all because it will just waste your time. PDFBear is way different from them.

Are you having doubts regarding the capability of the website to produce high-quality results? There is no reason for you to feel this way. The PDF conversion will not compromise the accuracy and readability of the document. For instance, the website will completely preserve and retain all texts, data, images, and graphs when you convert Word to PDF. In this way, the converted document will look 100% the same as the original file format.

Accessible using any device and browser

As a student, you don’t have yet the luxury of owning multiple devices. You can access the website using any gadget, may it be a smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Subsequently, you can also open the converter tool using any browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other popular ones. Its high compatibility makes it more accessible than other converter tools. If you want to put your name on a PDF, you could use tools such as CocoSign.

In Conclusion

Choosing PDFBear can provide you with a lot of benefits that you can’t find on any other website. What more could you wish for if you already have a free and highly functional converter tool, right? Experience a simple way of converting your documents into the required file format by visiting its website now!

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