4 Common Misconceptions About Lounge Music

You might think that lounge music is just a bunch of people sitting around and drinking cocktails. In reality, it’s one of the most popular genres in the world. Lounge music encompasses many different styles, including jazz, soul, bossa nova, and more. It can be relaxing or upbeat, depending on what you’re looking for at any given moment. If you want to learn more about this genre – here are 4 common misconceptions about lounge music:

#1. It’s all the same

While it may be true that many people in the scene tend to share a similar taste in music, there is a lot more variety out there than you might think. Psytrance and Goa Trance are both genres originating from trance, but they have evolved quite differently and are easy to distinguish. While some genres might sound somewhat similar to each other, they are not the same. Psytrance may have a harder dancefloor experience and an uplifting vibe to its melodies rather than a straight euphoric drop. Goa trance might use more layering of instruments or be more ambient at times.

#2. Lounge music has no bass.

Another common misconception about psychedelic chill is that the bass is always low in the mix for chill-out tracks and therefore barely audible. While this does depend on the genre you listen to, different producers aim for very different styles when creating their tracks, and bass levels can range from smooth as silk to full-blown 3rd harmonic mayhem. You will find just as much variation here as any other genre. Lounge music is also often used in online gaming.

#3. It’s jazz

Although there are some notable exceptions, including Miles Davis’ “Blue In Green,” most jazz would not easily be considered lounge music. This is because it typically involves improvisation; instead of relying heavily on written arrangements, many jazz fans and musicians would probably be offended by the term “lounge” since it is considered somewhat of a pejorative term in mainstream music culture. There are some notable exceptions, such as “Smooth Jazz,” which was coined during the 1980s when smooth vocals were added to soft instrumentals, and the instrumental solos were sometimes kept intact or altered to fit with a new melody. The origins of this musical style can be traced back even further to artists like Eumir Deodato and George Benson, who quickly became popular among people who wanted more upbeat arrangements played on instruments that included pianos, guitars and synthesizers.

#4. It’s only for oldies. (you might also hear this as “Lounge music is just elevator music)

The first time you stumble upon psytrance or psychedelic chill out, you might be put off by the people attending a party or chilling at an outdoor festival. Some may be dressed in bright-colored clothes that are not fashion-forward (this changes with time, though!). But don’t let these first impressions fool you! People who like this kind of music come from all age groups and backgrounds. Most of them just enjoy a good festival, but there is no need to feel insecure – You’re allowed to join in on the fun!

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