10 Home Decor Trends for Spring That Are Taking Over Instagram

Owing to how aesthetic-driven Instagram is, it seems like the perfect platform to share beautiful decors with good music playing in the background or just a beautiful picture. Professionals and enthusiasts are eager to share their picture-perfect decors, detailed DIYs, which often lead to being the trendsetter.

So, here are ten home décor trends that are taking over Instagram.

1. House Plants

Houseplants are one of the most popular trends running on Instagram now. Well, who doesn’t love the freshness that plants bring into your room? With over 2 million posts on Instagram under hashtag #houseplants, this décor trend resonates with almost everyone. You will find several professionals and enthusiasts posting aesthetically pleasing pictures of their space with house plants. To find some inspiration for your house, you can always go to hashtag #houseplants.

2. Painted Arches

The newest avatar of the accent wall is here. Painted arches have taken Instagram and our houses by a storm, thanks to their popularity. Plain walls or tiles are just too boring. Plus, it’s the easiest way to add a pop and a new dimension to your walls. It is a great way to frame your fixtures like doorway, dressers, bed, desks, etc. Take the route of minimalism with colors like grey, earthy colors, breezy greens, and snap a beautiful picture of your own painted arch to post it on your Instagram post.

3. Sculptural Furniture

The era of straight-edged, orthodox furniture is over if we go by the indication provided by Instagram. The latest trend on Instagram tends to be furniture with more rebellious shapes and unorthodox trimmings. This works great for not-so-traditional floor plans where you can use an asymmetrical corner or space with a cylindrical chair or with something like a curved couch. This home décor trend not only beautifies your room but also adds movement to your living space with not-so-symmetrical furniture.

4. Gallery Walls

With almost close to 1 million posts, gallery walls is yet another trending home décor style on Instagram. Although gallery walls are not something new, it proves that this trend is timeless and will not die down any time soon. Many people were quick to snap their gallery arts with beautiful pieces or paintings on their Instagram. Seeing a surge in the trends, many created their gallery walls to flaunt on Instagram that will probably buy 50 likes on Instagram. The best part about this décor style is that no matter how random you put your paintings and frames, it still looks good, unique, and timeless.

5. Monochromatic Rooms

Instagram is known for its bright, popping visuals but, Instagram also saw a surging trend of monochromatic rooms this spring. Bright contrast colors indeed fill the room with exuberant energy but, monochromatic colors have their magic too. Monochromatic colors allow you to make everything look cohesive in your space. However, you have to settle on a specific color family like sunny yellows, moody blues to avoid falling flat and bland.

6. Curvy Arts and Geometry

Just like with furniture, clean-looking lines are followed by curvy silhouettes when it comes to artifacts, décor pieces, or artwork. Either as displays on the wall or a table, flaunt curvy and geometrically interesting stuff you might have. It doesn’t matter if it’s a U-shaped painting or a unique geometrical vase, punch up your space with curvy arts.

7. Wallpapers

Here is another retro trend revitalized, thanks to Instagram and professionals. Wallpapers are back in trend this spring and are being reimagined in a modern avatar. With a range of modern patterns and textures, enthusiasts and many room decorators are turning to wallpapers to give something extra to their walls. The ease of using wallpapers with peel-and-stick variety has become very popular, especially for people living on rent.

8. Shell Motifs

It almost seems perfect for spring as it is followed by summer. Ocean-inspired motifs that once were mark reserved for beach houses have made a comeback, once again thanks to Instagram. It’s not so tough to get your hands on shell-inspired accessories.

9. Macramé Plant Hangers

There was once a time when macramé was all the rage. Now coupled with plants, macrame has returned once again, albeit in a new style. It remains to be one of the most popular décor trends on Instagram, with over 150,000 posts on Macramé plant hangers. There is a very tropical, relaxed feel to this trend, and it seems just perfect for approaching summer. To find some inspiration and to get a feel of it, you can always go to hashtag #macrameplanthanger.

10. Feature Walls

Painting all four walls of a room seems a little boring now. That’s why there is this new trend of feature walls. With over 180,000 posts on Instagram, feature walls remain one of the most popular trends in décor. It makes for an eclectic, playful element on your walls and instantly makes it look a lot more interesting.

These were not all the trends that swept through Instagram like wildfire. There were trends like string lights, bi-fold doors, walk-in shower, open shelving, etc., which saw immense popularity. If you are looking for some décor designs or inspirations, these Instagram posts and trends will surely give you something.

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